CIMCOOL has developed a comprehensive range of product lines to match all your metalworking requirements.

Please select your product line of interest. Discover how the use of Cimcool products will optimize your manufacturing process. And find out for yourself how Cimcool products will lead to an overall decrease in costs, provided the product is chosen and applied correctly.

CIMTECH® - Synthetic metalworking fluids

Future Driven - Transparent - Clean - Mild - Multi-material

CIMSTAR® - Semi Synthetic metalworking fluids

Hybrid technology - Best of both worlds - Cost effective

CIMPERIAL® - Soluble metalworking fluids

Heavy duty - Robust - One product for all operations

CIMCLEAN® - Cleaners

Safe - Effective cleaning solutions on materials

CIMGUARD® - Protection against corrosion

Corrosion protection - Long term storage

CIMGLIDE® - Slide way oils

Cincinnati Machine P47 specified - Anti wear - Low maintenance

CIMDRAULIC® - Hydraulic oils

Low friction - Demulsibility - Excellent foam & rust control

CIMSTAR® Band saws

Clean - Long life - High performance

MILFORM® - Metal forming products

Stamping - Drawing - Hi tech alternative to Straight oil - Cost effective solutions


Tapping - RP Sprays - Fluid Maintance - Water proof grease - General Cleaning